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Design Ideas and Tips

We receive a lot of design questions concerning color, material selection, and panel styles. While we cannot say what will work best for you, we do have some general guidelines that should help get you on your way to decorating with our silk and linen panels.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.


Color is most difficult choice for customers and the most difficult area for us to help with as it is such a person choice. Some ideas to consider:

You do not have to match your wall color:
Your drapery panels only need to coordinate with your decor - not be an exact color match.

Image 1

Image 2

Neutral and Lighter colors tend to be more versatile:
Lighter colors blend with other colors more easily and fit with a broader range of color schemes.


Lighter colors for openness, freshness, and smaller spaces:
Lighter colors work well to make spaces seem more open, fresh, and spacious.


Darker colors for more drama or intimate spaces:
Darker colors tend to feel more cozy and deep rich colors add drama especially against lighter wall colors.

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Materials and Pattern:

Taffeta silk more formal than Dupioni silk:
The crisper hand and smoother finish of Taffeta silk has a more formal look than the Dupioni silk.

Dupioni silk for natural elegance:
The subtle texture and shimmer of Dupioni silk creates a natural grace and elegance.

Stripes for formal rooms:
Vertical stripes lend themselves to formal settings such as dining rooms and studies.

Panel Styles:

Flat, Tie, and Tab tops for a casual look:
These styles are the least constructed and least full variations. Great for less formal settings and generally more economical than pleated panels as less fullness is required.
See all styles here

Puddling for elegance:
Add a puddle for a nice visual detail and for elegance. See Puddling Guide here

No Puddle for functional panels:
Panels that are opened and closed should be kept 1/2” off of the floor to keep them clean.

Add Trim or Banding for detail:
Trims can be applied (we can put on any that you send to us) or contrasting silk banding for great detail and a truly custom look.

Trim Image 1

Trim Image 2

Banding Image 1

Banding Image 2

Banding Image 3

Color Block Image 1

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