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Measuring Guide for Drapes and Roman Shades


Roman Shades

How to Measure For Drapes

A - Outside window frame to outside frame
B - Top window frame to bottom of frame
C - Top  of pole to top of molding
D - Bottom of ring to floor
E - Top  of pole to top to floor
F - Width of pole - NOT including finials

Not sure how much puddling to add? See our Puddling Guide for help!

How high to set the rod?: Panels should be about 4-6” above the top of the window opening or molding. You can also mount the rod up to the crown molding or ceiling to add height to the room - a great idea for rooms with 8’ ceilings.

Rod Pocket Panels: Measure from the top of the pole to the floor ( E) PLUS any Header Ruffle desired. Note that there is some rod “take-up” when the material is gathered onto the pole. Add 1” for smaller rods and 2” for rods 2” in diameter or larger.

Panels hung from rings: Measure from the bottom of the ring to the floor (D). Set the pole high enough that the bottom of the ring is above the window molding.

Functional Panels: If your panels will open and close to cover the entire window, we’ll need measurement (F). Adding 4-8” wider than window frame (A) on each side is recommended. If you want the panels to completely clear the entire window when opened, your pole width (F) needs to be approximately 30% larger than the window width (A) for pleated panels or 20% larger for flat top panels.

Decorative Panels: For panels that will not be moved specify if you would like single width panels, 1.5 width, or double width .

Tie Top & Tab Top: Hang below the rod with the top of the panel about 1-2” from the bottom of the rod.

Grommet Tops: Add 1” above the top of the rod for grommet allowance.

**Please feel free to Contact Us any time if you require assistance in determining sizes.

How to Measure For Roman Shades


Inside Mount


Outside Mount


Frame Depth Detail

Inside Mount: Shades can be inside the window frame provided you have at least 2” of depth (see detail below). Be sure that the shade will not interfere with the window operation and that there aren’t any window controls (cranks or handles) that will get in the way. If you do not have enough depth, choose outside mount instead.
Measure the width of the top, bottom, and middle and provide the smallest measurement. Measure the length at the left, right, and center down to the sill and provide the longest measurement.
We will make a small deduction to allow for clearance on all inside mounted shades.

Outside Mount: Shades can be mounted on the outer window frame itself (solid line arrows) or beyond the window frame (dashed line arrows).
If you choose to mount on the outer window frame, be sure that you have at least 2” of flat area to attach the mounting brackets to. If the frame is not flat choose to mount the shade on the wall above the frame. For mounting on the wall we recommend extending the shade 1.5” beyond the frame on each side. For length, add 3-4” above the frame and 2” below the frame.

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