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No Puddle

No Puddle

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Small Break

1” Break

Slight Puddle

2-4” Puddle

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More Puddle

6-8” Puddle

How Much Puddle is Right For Me?

What is puddling?

Puddling refers to an amount of extra drapery length that is spilled or “puddled” onto the floor. Puddling adds opulence and style to your drapes.

It is said that puddling originated as a means for the rich to show off their wealth. In the days when fabrics were rare and expensive commodities only the wealthy could afford them and only the wealthiest could afford extra material to just lay on the floor!

How much is enough?

Generally we only recommend puddling for decorative panels. If your panels are going to be opened and closed regularly puddling is not recommended as the bottoms of the draperies will get dirty very quickly.

1” Puddle: Also called a break or “trouser” break. 1” puddling provides a clean look where the draperies just rest on the floor.

2-4” Puddle: The most popular puddle today. The drapes have adequate length to spill nicely onto the floor but still not a large puddle.

6-8” Puddle: A true puddle. There is enough extra length to fan the draperies out onto the floor.

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